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UFP Franklinton LLC. is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Packaging. We specialize in a variety of wood packaging for Industrial applications. We are the industry leader of wooden boxes for the moving and storage and freight forwarding industries. Other products include custom design packing and crating for commercial and military specifications. We utilize our state of the art CNC routers for precise manufacturing. Our in-house engineers can help design custom packaging to your particular specifications. Whether you are packing a high-end electronic main frame or a wing for a 747, UFP Franklinton LLC. can handle the job.
When you call UFP Franklinton LLC we go thru an extensive process to help you decide what is the best packaging solution for your company. You will talk with our design personnel and they will ask you a series of questions about your needs and help you with the design of your packaging solution. We can also work with your in house engineers and build a container specific to your particular specifications. If you require specific packaging products from lumber, plywood, polyurethane foam, skid mates, tie down straps, let us know your requirement and we can help you.

Products we provide: